How to Fold Baby Grows: The Ultimate Guide

How to Fold Baby Grows: The Ultimate Guide

As parents, we like to provide our little ones with the very best of everything, including clothing. This blog post will go over an important aspect of baby clothing care: folding and storing babygrows.

By learning the best folding practices and storage techniques, you can extend the lifespan of your baby’s clothes and keep them looking new for longer. It will also ensure a tidier space which can benefit your overall mood and health. 

Maintaining the condition of your baby’s clothes

Properly folding and storing your baby’s clothes may seem like an unnecessary chore, but it truly helps to maintain the quality of your little one’s clothing. Babies grow up in a blink of an eye, and as they grow out of their clothes, you may want to store them away either for keepsakes or if you are planning on having more children.

By learning to fold babygrows correctly, you can prevent unnecessary creases and damage which ensures that they remain in great condition for the next time you want to use them. 

Keeping things tidy

As a busy parent, you know that keeping your home tidy is important for maintaining a sense of peace and order, even though it may be challenging. By actually folding and storing your babygrows with a system, you will overall save time and reduce clutter. There will be no need to rummage through messy piles of clothes to find the specific piece you are looking for. 

The last thing you need in a stressful morning is trying to locate your baby’s favorite babygrow amidst a chaotic jumble of clothes. Having everything organised allows you to readily access what baby clothes you need without adding any additional stress to your day.

Different ways of folding babygrows

There are several different ways of folding babygrows. Let’s go over some of the most popular folding techniques. 

1. The traditional fold

traditional fold

The traditional fold is probably the most well known folding method as it is simple and effective. For this fold, lay the babygrow on a flat clean surface. Then fold one side on top of the other side and fold the sleeves towards the center. Bring the bottom legs of the babygrow up and then fold the babygrow one more time horizontally, creating a neat and compact fold. 

2. The ‘fold and roll’ 

The Fold And Roll

For parents who are always on the go, the ‘fold and roll’ technique may be the best time-saving option. As before, lay the babygrow flat and fold one side on top of the other side. Then fold the sleeves towards the center. From there you start rolling the babygrow from the bottom until the babygrow forms a cinnamon roll looking bundle of fabric. This method is also great for saving space.

Tip: the fold and roll method is even recommended for adult suitcase packing as it not only saves space, but also helps avoid wrinkles that come along with normal folding methods.

3. The KonMari fold 

The KonMari Fold

Named after the well-known organisation expert Marie Kondo, this method involves folding the babygrow in half lengthwise and then folding the sleeves across the body. From here Marie recommends folding the babygrow in half horizontally and then again into thirds. This should create a small compact rectangle that should stand up vertically on its own. This method of folding requires more folds than other techniques and may be more time consuming and tedious. However, the KonMari fold is known to prevent wrinkles, save space and even help you express more gratitude towards your clothing. 

4. The ‘no fold’ 

If you prefer to be a bit more laid-back in your folding methods, the ‘no fold’ might be for you. Simply lay the babygrow flat and stack more babygrows on top, like a pile of pancakes. This way there is no need to fold the babygrow at all and you can just thumb through the babygrow layers to find the one you are looking for.

Babygrow storage ideas  

Now that we’ve gone over some different folding methods, let’s explore some ways to then store your folded babygrows. This will further help keep your baby’s wardrobe tidy and accessible. 

1. Optimising drawers

Optimising drawer space is a big part of keeping your babygrows organised. Like Marie Kondo suggests, try storing your folded babygrows vertically. This way you will be able to see each piece and access them without disturbing the rest of the folded babygrows. You can even take it a step further by sorting the babygrows by size, pattern or colour. 

2. Vertical storage

Vertical storage solutions like shelves are great for saving space and can be a perfect solution for small nurseries or homes. On the other hand, vertical hanging organisers such as closets require no folding at all and can be an easy time-saving method. 

It may also be a good idea to have a few wall hooks around your baby’s nursery. This way you can easily hang your baby’s outfit for the next day in plain sight with easy access. This can be especially useful for those super early mornings.

Hanging babygrows

Further reading

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Babygrows you and your baby will love

Hopefully this babygrow ultimate folding and storing guide has been helpful to you as a parent. By properly folding and storing your babygrows, you will be able to maintain their quality and extend their lifespan, all while enjoying a tidier space. 

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