A bit about us

We're on a mission

Zipster was started with a clear goal in mind: Provide parents with a sustainable choice for baby clothing with fun, unique patterns and optimal practicality.

Zipster creates clothes that will make a difference to our planet.

For the change-seekers, revolution-leaders and tradition-breakers, Zipster is for you. And if you see yourself as a fashion trailblazer? We’re a match made in bamboo heaven. Meet the sustainable luxury baby brand, with a sprinkle of playful fun. Born in Amsterdam, the hub of the forward-thinking, we are the future of sustainable children’s wear.

Who we are?

With each piece carefully curated with 95% bamboo, we create clothes that will make a difference to our planet. No toxic pesticides or water-glugging manufacturing methods, just oxygen-producing practices that will keep our air fresh and water clean.

Quality baby clothing. Sustainable, soft and perfectly made for your little one.

Beautiful Bamboo

At Zipster, we believe in only using the best fabrics. We choose bamboo because it's got so many amazing qualities that makes it the perfect choice for your little one.

Not only is it sustainable, but it's the softest fabric around, and its natural fibres mean it helps you and your baby get a better night sleep.

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Two-Way Zips

Making late night nappy changing a breeze with no fiddly poppers to handle! Playful and fun, with over 50 unique and colourful designs, we are changing the game, one babygrow at a time.

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